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Why do I need to know who Jesus really is? Why must I spend time searching the Bible? Why should I come to hear preaching? Why should I pray? Why should I seek to have a relationship with Him? Why should I hang out with these people who seem to be fanatical? Why should I take the time to become aware of what is happening around me? Why should I quit being shallow and dig deeper? Why should I take a good hard look at myself and the way I am living? Why should I analysis my world view and compare it to the Bible's

You say…”OK too much. I can hardly handle today. Much less all this! Ok…One thing at a time. What is most important?”


Why do you think that there are so many religions? Really--consider why it seems that all these denominations are meant just to confuse people.

It seems to scare people away because everyone wants to argue about it. Why? Conspiracy? Oh YEAH!!! The Biggest.

Who is it that would not want you to read and understand the Bible? Who would have the most to gain by making the Bible seem unapproachable? Who would want to do anything to distract you from knowing God?

Who has spent eons in the business of lies and distractions?

The enemy of God and all humanity...Satan.

Who would benefit the most out of knowing the Bible? Who would benefit the most through finding out who Jesus really is? Who would have the most to lose by not knowing who Jesus really is?


Jesus wants to bring you into Him---all that He is---all that He has done and all that He is doing.

Without this---you will fall into the traps that Satan has set for you and in the end be taken over by Satan only to receive the same punishment of destruction.

You are thinking, “So maybe I better figure out why I am here---what I was created for--- what is it that I am really missing?”

Here is the real story…..There is a cosmic battle between God and Satan and good and evil. They are battling over YOU!

To ignore all that God has done for you is the goal of Satan. Knowing this, you need to find out what Satan is trying to hide!

First and foremost, he doesn't want you to know who Jesus really is!!!!

Why? Because that knowledge unlocks it all!!

Jesus has asked us to seek Him and find Him!

Because when you know who God really is and become part of Him your eternal destiny is set and you are no longer part of Satan.

When you acknowledge His Diety, God is moved in His very Being and that causes Him to react and involve Himself Supernaturally.

When you know who God really is, the Word of God unlocks itself and talks to you through the connection of your spirit with His Spirit...the Spirit of truth which leads you into all the truth about Him.

Acknowledging His Diety is KEY in receiving His Spirit of holiness and fire. Acknowledging His Diety is Key to receiving Understanding from Him. Acknowledging His Diety is Key to accessing His Power and His Ability to fight and defend you. Acknowledging His Diety is KEY to having Faith to call on Him causing Him to show up and show out for you miraculously. THE God who is All, created all, owns all....laid aside His Glory to: to put on weakness (flesh), and He took upon Himself the filth of all the people of the world (sins) all times (of all the ages) remove the sin curse. He did all this because He loves you and He wants to spend eternity revealing Himself to you, loving and caring for you.

For now, He shows that He is meek and lowly in love and mercy. He shows that He is slow to anger. For now, He shows that He is kind and patient giving all who will respond 2nd, 3rd, 4th chances to take advantage of the Redemption He has made available to you. He wants to forgive you, reconcile with you and have you start over with Him, reconnecting to Him, partaking of His glorious Essence into your soul giving you an inheritance and eternal life.

Jesus has overcome:

the World Satan and his imps Death, Hell and the Grave through His mighty acts of redemption.

Satan has a limited time left. He will soon come out of hiding and reveal himself for all to see exposing Satan's true intentions for mankind. Satan wants rule over mankind not in love but in hate...just long enough to destroy all the humans he can taking them to the pit of hell to be destroyed with him and the fallen angels. He is the one who has filled the earth with lies to keep us from knowing the truth, to keep us from understanding who we really are and the destiny God has for us. Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. But...what Satan has meant for evil, our great God is using for good.

Our great King will then stand up revealing Himself...revealing His identity...revealing those that came after Him to know Him...revealing His church...the Bride.

He will reveal Himself as God...who took on flesh...shedding the pure and precious blood for those who in love will follow Him. We shall be changed to be like Him when we are called up to meet Him in the air. He will take away mortality and give us a glorified body of immortality. We are the firstfruits of the new creation that will turn the world back to righteousness.

He will defend Jerusalem, the place of His Name. He will reveal Himself as YAH who became Yeshua to remove the curse that sin held over humanity. He will defeat their enemies as all the nations of the world have turned against Jerusalem. He will show His Strong Arm and then reveal to His people the nail scars in His hands. They will ask Him "Where did you receive those marks in your hands?" He will respond, I received them in the house of my friends". They will weep and mourn as they realize He is the One that was crucified, their Messiah. He now comes to forgive and restore and reconcile them unto Himself.

He has a LAND that He has staked as His claim that will be for The Kingdom of God. He is the Great King, the King of all kings, the Holy One of Israel that all the prophets prophesied of.

His Kingdom shall be for all nations to come into and learn of the ways of God. He will reign gloriously and return the world back to righteousness. He has a BRIDE that He will glorify and bring to sit with Him in His throne. He has a PEOPLE that He has called out that will obey His statutes and His commandments. These PEOPLE will teach the world the ways of His Kingdom.

Yeshua (Jesus) will be their King and will reign justly bringing peace to all nations. This is called the Millennium ... a period of time of 1000 years of peace.

After this time, Satan will be released one last time to provoke the nations. This will reveal the hidden unrighteousness bringing it to the surface. Our Lord shall destroy with the Word of His mouth. This brings in the Final Resurrection and the White Throne judgement ending all evil and ushering in Eternity.

Amen and amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

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